Community Input Survey

The Find It, Fix It Community Walks are a series of Mayor-led walks that help to improve neighborhoods one block at a time. During these walks, neighbors, police, and City officials walk together to identify physical elements in the neighborhood that make it feel unsafe or poorly maintained.

This survey is used to identify community concerns such as overgrown trees, graffiti, street light outages, litter, and damaged sidewalks. Once the elements are identified, the City and community work together to fix the problems. 

* What neighborhood do you live/work in?

* List concerns in your neighborhood. Be as specific as possible and be sure to include a location for each concern.

* Are you interested in joining the Community Walk Action Team to determine the walk route and topics that are addressed to the Mayor?

* What is your first name?

* What is your last name?

* What is your email address?

Information is used only to notify you of when and where the Find It, Fix It Community Walk will take place and the status of your concerns.
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