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UK prices will rise
Prices to remain stable
Prices will fall further
UK economy to better Europe

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* 8. Rate the importance of each of these factors if buying property for investment

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Visiting FIND HQ in UK
Best possible price
Payment plan/Mortgage
Good net rental yield
Getting a rent guarantee
Cheap property management
View property personally
FIND help with the buying
Being in UK for all steps
Pay by Client Escrow Account
Getting it near London
Faster future grow rate
Useable by yourself too

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UK Property Specialists
Established many years
Part of a large group
Offices in UK and Dubai
Offer good service/advice
Manage property well

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Buying service is needed
Cost is reasonable
The cost is too high
I would use such service

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Website - Ease of Use
Website - Content
Property prices & value
The Buyers Guides
Staff phone advice
Emails sent by staff

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