Each year, Women for Afrika (WFA) supports women, who have completed their Woman Within weekend, within our community through its sponsorship program.

Our objective is to invest in the women to grow our community, share the knowledge and foster relationships with these women to ensure support to our community through active participation in the work done by Women for Afrika in the South African community.

We are honored that you want to invest in yourself. Sponsorship is specific to:
  • Staffing the weekends
  • Attending workshops
  • Staffing international weekends
  • Attending international training.

Below are the following sponsorship opportunities and the corresponding criteria:
Self-sustaining Fund:
This fund is a self-sustaining fund. It is designed to give women who have the financial means, the opportunity to borrow money, interest free, with the intention of paying it back over a specified time frame. These funds can then be re-invested in the personal development of other women on an ongoing basis.
The fund consists of R12,000. The maximum amount per application is R4,000.
The time frame for repayment is within 12 months.

This is a non-self-sustaining fund. These funds are generated through fundraising events therefore this fund is limited and is earmarked for those without financial means.
There is a maximum amount per application of up to 50% of the course fee.

In line with our objectives to grow our community, through active participation women applying are encouraged:
  • To be an open circle guide or co-guide
  • To be available to empowerment circles as a support when needed / required.
  • To be a guide for the 8 week guided circles or the weekend intensives
  • To assist with the one day staff training
  • To assist with the skills workshop and or shedding shame workshop
  • To support with jobs leading up to the weekends.
  • To supporting the leadership circle with specific administrative roles.
  • To commit to creating a fundraising activity to raise further funds for WFA
  • To partake in Public speaking (representing WFA at the MKP home coming or WFA at our celebration evening)

All information supplied in this form will be treated as confidential and will only be seen by the Registration Coordinator.

* 1. Personal Information

* 2. For which sponsorship are you applying for?

* 3. What investment are you applying for?

* 4. Please give details as to date, place and name of weekend/workshop

* 5. Please share with us why you are requesting sponsorship.

* 6. Please indicate the amount for which you will be applying

* 7. If you are applying for the self-sustaining fund, please indicate how you plan to pay back the amount
(maximum 12 month payment plan).

* 8. How would you like to support us in growing our community through active participation?

Each request will be considered based on the criteria above, mitigating circumstances and funds available.
You will be informed via email by the Registrations coordinator.

* 9. By signing, I agree that all information provided is true and correct.