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* 1. In your view, is today’s corporate reporting fit for the purpose of providing investors with information that is useful for making their resource allocation decisions and assessing management’s stewardship?

  1 Unfit 2 3 4 Fit
Rank on a scale of 1-4, with 1 being unfit and 4 being fit.

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* 2. Which of the following best describes your role in financial reporting, and what are the largest challenges in corporate reporting that you face? Select as appropriate:

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* 3. When talking to companies and investors about potential priorities, debt and cash flow reporting came high on the list. Reflecting this, the Lab has published three reports:
• Net debt reconciliations (September)
• Debt terms and maturity schedules (November)
• Operating and investing cash flows (November)

Additionally, at the request of BIS, the Lab ran a project on a single figure for remuneration reporting, which provided an opportunity for companies and the investment community to have input on this aspect of draft requirements published by BIS in June.

Do you consider the focus on these topics and the manner in which they have been reported by the Lab to be helpful?

Rank on a scale of 1-4, with 1 not being useful (or not likely to be useful); and 4 being useful (or likely to be useful).

  1 Not useful (or not likely to be useful) 2 3 4 Useful (or likely to be useful)
Debt and cash flows
Remuneration reporting

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* 4. The Lab is considering a variety of potential future projects, and plans to pursue the first four projects listed below over the coming months.

Are any of the following reporting areas problematic in your view, and if so, which aspects do you think the Lab could most usefully focus on to provide practical solutions through dialogue with companies, the investment community and other stakeholders? Do you have suggestions for other future projects the Lab might undertake?

Rank level of interest in having the Lab focus on each area from 1 (least) to 4 (greatest)

  1 Least 2 3 4 Greatest
Accounting policy disclosure
Audit Committee reports
Risk reporting
Remuneration reports
Narrative reporting
Clutter - (materiality)
Income taxes
Non-GAAP measures
Pensions obligations
Other (please describe below)

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* 5. Do you want to be contacted to discuss a Lab project or an idea for a potential project?

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* 6. The Lab has a mailing list that is accessible through the subscription facility on the FRC’s website. If you are interested in receiving notices of when the Lab publishes project reports or updates, or calls for participation in a new project, please register at:

Do you have other suggestions of how the Lab could more effectively provide updates on its activities? Please explain.