We want to hear from you!

As you may know, a random telephone survey is currently underway for the Festus R-VI School District. This survey asks about the district's current performance and about some facility ideas that have been discussed, among other topics.

Not everyone who lives in the district will be contacted for the telephone survey, but we want to hear from anyone who wants to share his or her opinion.

Your responses on this survey are completely confidential. The district is working with Patron Insight, Inc., a company that assists school districts with research projects such as this. All the responses will go directly to Patron Insight. The school district will see a summary report, but will not see any individual surveys.

So, please tell us what you think!

Two important notes:

1. Please set aside at least 10 minutes to complete this survey. If you "exit" the survey before you are finished, you will not be able to return later.
2.  Once you click "next" to take you to the next page of the survey, you will not be able to go back. So, please be certain you are satisfied with your answers, before you click "next."

Thank you!