February 24 2018 Troop Leader Training Signup Survey

This is a "sign up survey" for Boy Scout Troop Leader Training on Saturday, February 24, 2018 (9:00 am to 1:30 pm) at Woodward Academy "Middle School" Cafeteria, behind 3463 Jackson St, College Park, GA 30337.  This is Boy Scout Leader Position-Specific Training (BSLPST) for Scoutmasters and Assistants, an indoor class.   Free.

This is being held during the War Eagle Merit Badge Day that is listed on http://www.meritbadge.info.

Part 2 is Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills, to be scheduled by others -- see the Atlanta Area Council Training Calendar.  Both courses (plus current Youth Protection Training) are necessary to be fully "trained" as a Scoutmaster or Assistant SM.  

* 1. First . . .

* 2. My Troop leadership role is (select all that apply):

* 3. Have you participated in a live Scout Leader training course for Boy Scout Troops before?

* 4. To help us plan, tell us some more information about your Troop, its Scouts, and its Leadership.

First . . . how big is your Troop (or how big do you think it will be this year)?

* 5. Are there others you know of (in your unit or otherwise) who would be interested in attending a South Fulton Boy Scout Leader Training class that we should contact?

* 6. Thank you for your responses. Please let us know if you have any other questions or comments about our Training -- like whether you have specific topics, questions or issues you would like to see covered in this class? -- put them below, or email training@southfultonscouting.com
with your comments.