Freedom Service Report

Department survey to identify service issues with the Freedom Project.

* 1. Please give us your contact information so that we may contact you if we need additional information.

* 2. What vehicle is the Freedom Ipad located in? (Please give the Unit Name, Lic. Plate Number and last 4 of the vehicle Vin #)

* 3. NOTE: A successful NetMotion connection to the County network is required in order for Freedom to connect and run.  NetMotion provides connection to the County Network, giving the ability for the iPads to talk to the CAD application to get data related to an accident or incident.

NetMotion connectivity: If you experience issues with NetMotion login or connectivity, please indicate what account name you login with and what problem(s) you discovered.

* 4. Freedom connectivity: If you have experienced issues with Freedom login or connectivity, map display issues, accuracy of routing or other functions, please indicate what you were doing and where the vehicle was traveling (i.e. route # or street name, other landmarks or general vicinity description).

* 5. If you experience any issues with general internet connectivity or iPAD operation/functionality, please describe below.