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PROJECT TITLE:  Fathers' Experiences with Perinatal Loss

INTRODUCTION:  The purpose of this form is to provide you with information that may affect your decision whether to say YES or NO to participation in this research. The research will be conducted within the state of Virginia.

RESEARCHER:  Anisa Glowczak, MSEd, NCC, Bereavement Counselor, Fort Norfolk Plaza, 301 Riverview Dr, Suite 710, Norfolk, VA 23510

DESCRIPTION OF RESEARCH:  Many studies have looked into the needs of bereaved parents and have focused on the experiences of mothers; however, very few have focused solely on the experiences of fathers following a loss. My objective is to collect stories from fathers that, collectively, could serve as a helpful resource for others. The questions asked are open-ended and allow you to write as much as you'd like.

Information will only be gathered from you by the following survey. If you say YES, then your participation will last approximately 15-60 minutes, depending on how much information you're willing to share.

RISKS: If you decide to participate, you may face a risk of some emotional discomfort as you recall the events, thoughts and feelings associated with your loss. The researcher strives to reduce this risk by expressing the voluntary nature of participation and the option to withdraw from this study at any time without penalty. The survey does not ask identifying information (e.g. names or locations) so your responses will be anonymous.

BENEFITS: Although there are no direct benefits for participating in the study, you may gain personal insight or benefit from reflecting on your experiences, thoughts, and feelings. The researchers hope that the information gathered within this research study will contribute to the overall knowledge and understanding of how best to help bereaved parents. If you would like, the researchers will offer you a copy of the results of this study once it is completed.

COSTS AND PAYMENTS:  There are no costs to participate. The researchers are unable to give you any payment for participating in this study.

CONFIDENTIALITY:  All data collected will be pooled and deidentified. NO identifying information will be collected, including IP addresses. All information you provide for this study is strictly confidential. The survey and all data on this website will be retained for the required amount of time, and then deleted/ destroyed. The results of this study may be used in reports, presentations, and publications. Electronic data will be stored in a password-protected electronic file; hard copy data will be stored in a locked file cabinet in the primary researcher’s office.

WITHDRAWAL PRIVILEGE:  It is OK for you to say NO to participating in this study, and you are free to withdraw from the study at any time without penalty.

COMPENSATION FOR ILLNESS AND INJURY:  We will not provide free medical care for any illness or injury resulting from participating in this study. Financial compensation for research related injury or illness, lost wages, disability, or discomfort is not available. However, you do not waive any legal rights by signing this consent form.
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