1. Welcome to a Food Supply Survey!

Thank you for taking part in this valuable survey. 

The intent of this survey is to gather information that can improve marketing and distribution of locally produced goods. The survey is focused on Frederick County and surrounding counties in our region.  Your answers will be kept confidential, and with your permission only used in discussion with potential retail and non-retail food institutions. The survey allows you to skip questions you do not wish to answer and move on.

Community F.A.R.E. (Food, Advocacy, Resources, Education)  is conducting a feasibility study/business analysis for a local aggregation/distribution center (a food hub), working under the guidance of the well-established food hub Common Market Philadelphia. Our research includes conducting interviews with retail and non-retail food service institutions; we should soon know more about wholesale opportunities for farmers.

As background, we launched this "food supply survey" in 2014 to collect initial information from growers and to gauge interest in moving forward with a food hub feasibility study.  We learned from the 55 growers who responded that among them they had over 3000 acres in production - and another 1000 + acres that some said they would put into production if they had solid markets for product sales.  We are interested in learning what you are growing now, what potential you have to grow more and the challenges you will face to do so.  

Please get in touch if you want more information:
Janice Wiles, Project Director
(240) 626-5209

Community F.A.R.E. Advisors:  
Anne Bradley, Karen Duha Buchsbaum, Richard Jefferies, Dewey Stewart, Dick Stoner,  Janice Wiles
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