Vermont Agency of Agriculture

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets (VAAFM) is excited to be hosting a new Farm Stand Directory on our website! VAAFM put out a Farm Stand Survey in November 2015 to collect farm responses. The information used to create this directory came from the responses collected during the November survey. We realize that some farm stands may have been missed, or new stands may want to be added. If you're not currently listed in the directory and would like to be, please fill out this survey to have your stand included in VAAFM's online directory. The information provided by you will be shared on our website to promote your farm stand. Your responses will only be used for informational purposes by the VAAFM and its partners and will only be shared in aggregate form in reports and publications.

Through research and collaboration with established farm stand operators of Vermont, we have created a working definition of "farm stand" to be referenced during this survey:

A farm stand is defined as a business operation whose primary focus is to sell self-grown or value-added products, with supplementation of off-site farm or food products when necessary. We acknowledge the need for farm stands to offer customers a convenient and consistent shopping experience, as well as incorporate a diverse array of products in order to be a profitable business and meet consumer demands. A farm stand should be primarily utilized for the sale of farm or food products within the confines of a designated farm stand space.

**Note: this is a working definition of "farm stand" and is only to be used for the purposes of this survey. It is not a legally binding definition.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Hailee May by e-mail at , or by phone at (802)828-5445.

* 1. Farm Information

* 2. Farm Address

* 3. Dates of Operation

Date(s) Open
Date(s) Closed

* 4. Stand Hours

Stand Open time
Stand Close Time

* 5. Please check any and all products that your farm offers:

* 6. Does your stand offer a pick-your-own component?

* 7. Is your stand self serve?

* 8. Are your farm products certified organic?

* 9. If your products are certified, who are they certified by?

* 10. Does your stand accept EBT (electronic benefit transfer) as payment?

* 11. Enter a short bio about your farm to be included in your on-line directory listing.