Invitation to dream

In 1971 Family Tree Clinic started as a response to a community health need. The community has been an integral force that continues to influence the direction of the clinic and it's values.

We want to keep listening!

We want to learn what YOU think a positive health care experience is!

We want to provide a clinical practice that meets the needs of the community, and who better to decide what that looks like than YOU!?

THANK YOU for taking the time out! Questions can be skipped and every answer will be read!

We'll be giving away THREE $50 VISA GIFT CARDS from those who participate! Drawing July 1st, 2017.

To win, entering your best contact into the survey, it will only be used for the drawing. Emails will be separated from the provided answers before reaching the Community Engagement Department (unless you’ve asked for a follow up).

* 1. What makes for an affirming/positive health care experience?

* 2. What does your ideal clinic LOOK like?

* 3. What does your ideal clinic FEEL like?

* 4. Why is it important that your clinic looks and feels that way?

* 5. What health services do you want or foresee wanting in the future?

* 6. What values do you want your health provider to have?

* 7. Where do you want to be able to access clinical services?

* 8. How do you like to access information about health in general?

* 9. How do you want to be communicated with about your health?

* 10. To enter the drawing for one of three $50 VISA gift cards, enter your best contact below:

* 11. Would you like a follow up with Family Tree Clinic to discuss our listening project?

* 12. How do you identify your race/ethnicity?

* 13. How do you identify your gender?