Thank you for sharing water use compliments or complaints in the Hall of Fame or Shame!

The Hall of Fame or Shame is the place to shine the spotlight on waterwise behavior – as well as point out water waste.  The fame option allows citizens to report their own or another’s great waterwise behavior, which we'll use to give you kudos and others good ideas. Show us what you’ve done. We’d love to showcase your aqua-awesomeness! 

It's also a productive way to report issues, which are then forwarded to the local water provider to help educate and correct the problem. Complaints are NOT released to the general public. How the complaint is handled varies from area to area, but is best handled on a local level.  

The goal of the Fame or Shame program is to save water and raise awareness of actions that are wasteful and also efficient water use. Pointing fingers does nothing to save water.

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* 1. Is this a water use compliment or complaint (Fame or Shame)?