A Vision Statement (or Mission Statement) captures what community members most value about their community, and the shared image of what they want their community to become.  It inspires community members to work together to achieve the vision and is often included in a comprehensive plan.  The Town’s existing Comprehensive Plan Update includes a Mission Statement as follows:

“To guide future growth and development within the Town of Fallsburg in a manner that respects the Town’s rural character so that its unique sense of place is enhanced; its agricultural, historic, and natural resources protected; its hamlets revitalized and its social and economic vitality ensured for years to come.

* 1. Do you believe the Mission Statement is still relevant and appropriate?

* 2. How well is the mission statement being achieved?

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* 3. Of the items listed in the Mission Statement, please check those which should be included in an updated Vision Statement:

* 4. What priority words do you believe should be included in an updated Vision Statement.  Please Rate from 1 to 5, with “Highly Applicable” being 1, and“Not Applicable” being 5.

  1-Highly Applicable 2 3- Applicable 4 5- Not Applicable
Aesthetically Pleasing
Affordable Housing
Agriculture Preservation
Business Development
Diverse Population
Economic Vitality
Employment Opportunities
Environmental Protection
Historic Protection
Housing Diversity
Neversink River
Open Space
Scenic Landscape
Rural Character
Vacation Paradise
Vibrant Atmosphere
Year Round