The City of Fall River is conducting the planning process for the future use of federal entitlement funds received from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. By completing this Survey, you will assist the Community Development Agency in determining priority housing, homeless, and community development needs. Please, check the appropriate box below for each category indicating what you think is the current unmet needs in the City. Your assistance in providing this information and your participation in the Consolidated Planning Process are greatly appreciated.

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1. Public Facilities and Improvements

  High  Medium  Low  No Need
Senior Drop in Centers
Youth Centers
Child Care Centers 
Community/Neighborhood Centers 
Health Care Centers 
Domestic Violence Facilities 
Adult Learning Centers
Physically Disabled Persons Facilities 
Parks and Recreation Facilities 
Parking Facilities 
Fire Station/Equipment 

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2. Infrastructure Improvements

  High  Medium Low  No Need 
Street Improvements 
Water main Improvements 
Sewer Improvements 
Streets-cape Improvements (Lighting, Trees, etc.) 
Solid Waste Disposal 
Code Inforcement
Clean up of abandoned Lots/Buildings 
Graffiti Removal 

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3. Public Services

  High  Medium  Low No Need 
Senior Citizens Services 
Youth Services 
Child Care Services 
Recreation Services 
Health Care Services 
Library Services
Substance Abuse Services 
Homeless Support Services 
Homeless Person Prevention Services 
HIV/AIDS Services 
Handicapped Services 
Fair Housing Services 
Tenant/Landlord Counseling 
Adult Learning Services 
Walking Beat Police
Crime Prevention/Awareness 
Immigration Services