This is a follow-up survey created by the Algoma Workforce Investment Corporation to gauge the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 on local businesses and organizations. Your feedback will help us to regularly communicate your needs in a timely and coordinated manner to municipal, provincial and federal governments, and help us as we plan for post pandemic recovery.

The goals of this survey are to:
  • Assess how the situation has evolved since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Find out if and how local businesses and organizations are experiencing additional challenges now that the emergency measures are slowly being lifted.
  • Find out if you applied or accessed any of the funding supports or programs and how they worked or not, for your business or organization.
  • Gain some insight on the challenges and opportunities as we move towards recovery.
 Completing the Survey:
  • Although you might receive a request to complete the survey from more than one source, we ask that you complete the survey only once.  
  • Please answer all questions as accurately and completely as possible.
  • The survey should take about 10 - 15 minutes to complete.
Local Surveys in Algoma:

This version of the survey is for employers in Superior East

If your organization is located in Sault Ste. Marie - please complete this version of the survey: FallCOVID19Impact_SSM

If your organization is located in East Algoma - please complete this version of the survey: FallCOVID19Impact_EA


The survey has been designed to protect your identity.  All answers given will be treated in strict confidence and they will be used only for statistical purposes and published in aggregate form only.

A copy of the results will be made available at and linked to community partner websites. Please provide your email address at the end of the survey if you would like to have a copy sent to you.

Need Help?
If you require assistance to complete the survey or have any questions about it, or if you would prefer to have someone ask you the questions directly, please contact our office and one of our interviewers will contact you to arrange a convenient time.

Algoma Workforce Investment Corporation (AWIC)

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