In order to continue to improve our equipment and customer service, we need your input. Please take this short survey and tell us how you feel about the facilities you utilized.

You will be prompted to answer questions about the following facilities: Audio Post Production, Dark Room, Photo Editing Lab, Film Post Production, Digital Production Labs, EDC, Journalism, the Soundstage, Tufte PPC (Di Bona Studio & Studio B Television Facility),and the Emerging Media Lab. If you did not use a facility, you will be able to skip those questions.

As our way of thanking you for participating, at the end of the survey, please provide your name and email if you would like to be entered into a raffle to win one of three gift cards ($100, $75, & $50).

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* 1. Are you a student or faculty member?

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* 2. Did you use the Audio Post Production (7th floor audio classrooms and suites, Mix B - Ansin Building)?