1. Job Descriptions for Application

The Transportation Office is seeking to hire Student Transportation Employees for fall 2013.

Transportation Employees job:
Operators will drive a designated route to which they have been assigned. They will be responsible for filling out the pre-driving and post-driving vehicle log prior to and after driving their route. Operators will be responsible for keeping a record of the passengers that they pick up and drop off at each location. A new vehicle log will be filled out for every shift. Other responsibilities may include, assisting Supervisors with filling the vehicles with gas, cleaning the shuttle, and operating the wheelchair lifts.

Co-Operators are responsible in assisting the Operator with all the aspects of his/her job that do not pertain to driving.

Dispatchers are responsible for assisting Supervisors with answering phone calls, completing a dispatch log, and filling out a message log if necessary. A new dispatch log needs to be filled out for each shift.

• Valid driver’s license
• Current registered student at UMass Lowell
• Clean driving record
• Clean University judicial record
• Job offer for this position is contingent upon a satisfactory response to a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check and review.
• Job offer for this position is contingent on passing of a defensive driving course
• Drug testing may be conducted, employees will be required to pass

* 1. First Name

* 2. Last Name

* 3. Student ID Number (WITHOUT "UMS")

* 4. Which job position are you applying for (Please note as of 4/2/2013 only transportation position available)?

* 5. Please enter your current GPA (Please note all Transportation Services & Parking Enforcement student employee's are expected to maintain a 2.2 GPA).

* 6. Telephone number (This is the number you would like the Office of Transportation Services & Parking Enforcement to use to contact you)

* 7. Will you have campus work study for Fall 2013 (If yes, please list how much)?

* 8. Will you be working for another department on campus during the Fall 2013 semester? If yes, what department and how many hours per week?

* 9. Please enter your UMass Lowell issued Student Email Address

* 10. Have you had any moving violation in the past 10 years? If yes please explain.

* 11. What is your current judicial standing at UMASS Lowell?

* 12. Have you had a past judicial record at UMASS Lowell?

* 13. Please indicate when you are able to work during the Fall semester. Please select all that apply.

* 14. (Essay Question) Please describe a situation where you provided excellent/poor customer service. If you have not provided such a service, please give an example of when you received excellent/poor customer service. What did you learn from that experience?

* 15. (Essay Question) If you were to be hired as part of the Transportation Team, how would you impact the team and the Transportation Services department?

* 16. (Essay Question) Why should the Transportation Services & Parking Enforcement department hire you?

* 17. By checking this box, I certify that I have answered all questions to this application honestly, and I understand that I will need to pass a CORI check. I also understand that if I am hired for a driving position that I have a valid US drivers license, and must pass a defensive driving course and have a clean driving history in order to be hired and/or to maintain my position within transportation services. I also understand I will be required to pass a drug test, either prior or during my employment.

* 18. I understand that if I am selected to take part in an interview I will need to bring a copy of my resume to the interview.