The results of this survey will be included in the Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice for the City of Tucson – Pima County Consortium. This survey is anonymous and for research purposes only.

Illegal housing discrimination occurs when one or more of the following occurs based on a person’s race, national origin, color, religion, sex, or if they have children or a disability:

o  Refusing, discouraging or charging more to rent an apartment or buy a home.

o  Discouraging a person from living where he or she wants to live, often by steering him or her to another apartment, complex or neighborhood.

o  Refusing or making it hard to get a loan to buy or refinance a house or take out home equity by doing things like charging more money or offering a worse deal than someone should be able to get if he or she shopped around.

o  Refusing, discouraging or charging more for home insurance.

o  Discrimination based on disability: Refusing to make a reasonable accommodation for a person with a disability, refusing to allow a modification to make an apartment more accessible for a person with a disability or lack of accessible units.

o  Predatory lending: unfair, misleading, deceptive or fraudulent loan practices.