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In honor of the Illinois Bicentennial, the Illinois Department of Human Rights (IDHR) is proud to invite local government entities to join the 2018 IDHR Fairness and Equality Campaign.

This Campaign is a year-long celebration of our state’s rich history of valuing diversity, inclusion, and non-discrimination. Through this initiative, we are seeking to engage at least 200 local government entities to commit to the core principles of the Campaign and to work with the Department to improve cultural relations within their communities.

Government entities are welcome to participate at various levels including partnering with IDHR on public events, training opportunities, press conferences, social media campaigns and other activities that celebrate Illinois history and promote core values of fairness, equality and non-discrimination. Non-profit institutions and private organizations are also welcome to partner with the Illinois Department of Human Rights on this Campaign. 

Please note that by filling out this form, you are not officially committing to be a part of the Campaign, instead, this form confirms your interest in participation and you will be contacted with additional information.

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