1. Survey information

Fair Agenda is a non-partisan community campaigning organisation made up of 35,000 Australians who care about fairness and equality for women. One of the issues our community is deeply concerned about is reproductive rights.

As such, we seek clarification of your personal stance on related matters, and request that you complete this very brief survey on your position by midnight on Monday 20th June. 

The survey is very brief, and should take less than five minutes to complete.

Fair Agenda will display your responses on our candidate scorecard website, which will be made available to our members, the public and the media. This website will also contain a summary of your party’s position on other issues Fair Agenda members care about.

We note that Fair Agenda will list the details of candidates who do not provide a response to these questions, and make this information available to our members, the public and the media.

If you have any queries about the survey questions, please contact Fair Agenda's Executive Director Renee Carr via 0435 597 976. Thank you in advance for your responses. 
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