Church projects come in all shapes and sizes; from renovating the church to building a new hall; from installing heat pumps to placing a plaque in the church; from selling property to putting up new signage. As with all large organisations, we have processes and rules that govern how these things need to be done and with whose permission. No project is the same and these processes can be complicated and time consuming. This form is designed to help you and to ensure you have all the approvals you need at each stage of the process. You should complete this form as early in the process as possible.

The purpose of this form is two-fold:
• to help a ministry unit to identify what (if any) church processes need to be followed in achieving a project, and which permissions/endorsements/support need to be sought; and
• to initiate some of those basic processes without the need for further applications.

You're encouraged to consult early with your Archdeacon around project plans. In the case of a Faculty petition you'll need a letter of support from your Archdeacon which we will arrange on receipt of this application.

- Archdeacon Northern Region: Archdeacon Carole Hughes
- Archdeacon Southern Region: Archdeacon Michael Berry
- Archdeacon Far North Region: Archdeacon Jonathan Gale.

Depending on the size and nature of the proposed work or project, there may need to be engagement with one or more of these diocesan bodies:

• The Faculties Committee. This committee makes recommendations to the Bishop pursuant to the Faculties Statute 2020. A Faculty is generally required for changes to property and buildings and in respect to physical changes within any church. This Committee meets monthly.
• Diocesan Council. This is the standing committee of the diocesan Synod and has responsibility for the day to day governance of the Diocese. Any matter needing to go to the General Trust Board usually needs to go to this body first. The Council meets monthly.
• General Trust Board. The GTB is the legal owner of the majority of church properties and needs to give permission for any project usually requiring the consent of the owner. This Committee meets every second month.

The information in this form will be used to assess which of these bodies we will need to engage with.

Diocesan structures exist to support the mission and ministry in our ministry units. There is good support available to you, especially if you are at the conceptual stages of planning, and we invite you to make contact. These include:

The Diocesan Office team
- Diocesan Manager: Sonia Maugham
- Deputy Diocesan Manager: Bridget Morrison (for funding, H&S)
- Property Manager: Matthew Gunton (for property)
- Sustainability Fieldworker: Cathy Bi-Riley (for sustainability)

The Faculties Committee.
8% of survey complete.