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* 10. Who are potential external partners on the project (nonprofit, mayor’s councils, etc)?

* 11. Who are potential internal partners on the project (campus clubs, departments, courses, etc)?

* 12. How will this project strengthen your relationships with your community partners and project participants?

* 13. Who do you plan to use as writers and/or actors? (high school students, college students, or other community volunteers)

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* 19. Besides writing and theater, what other forms of art do you plan to involve in your project? (Ex. photography, painting, sculpting, singing, dance, other.)

* 20. How do you plan to use the stories to create community conversations beyond the events/book launch? (Ex.story circles, community read, exhibits, school visits, policy development, curriculum development, program development) 

* 21. As a result of your Facing Project, what do you hope to see happen in your community 6 to 12 months after your Facing Project?