Two local organizations have approached Cypress County for financial assistance for two recreation facility projects. 
County Council is inviting public consultation and stakeholder engagement regarding these projects to determine the level of public support towards using public money for either or both recreation facilities.

Residents can provide input by completing this survey and/or by attending related open houses on July 29 and July 30 (
Cypress County has hired SAGE Analytics Inc. to facilitate the public consultation and stakeholder engagement for the two proposed recreation facilities.  The consultation results will be provided to Cypress County Council on September 17, 2019. 

Proposed Projects:
1. Prairie Rose School Division has made a formal request to Cypress County to partner on the capital construction and operating costs for a new hockey arena/training facility to be located adjacent to the Eagle Butte High School.
2. The Dunmore Equestrian Society has approached Cypress County requesting financial assistance towards the construction of a new indoor equestrian centre.

Further information about both proposed projects is available on the Cypress County website (

Public input is very valuable in this process and will assist Cypress County Council as they consider the funding requests and potential recreation opportunities.  

Questions or concerns about the consultation process or survey can be directed to:
  • Jeffrey Dowling, Director of Municipal Services, Cypress County (403 526 2888)
  • Shari-Anne Doolaege, President, Sage Analytics Inc. (780 901 4451)

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