What is this survey for?

The reason is two-fold. We want to offer you the opportunity to assess yourself and reflect on your ability to interact with others. Secondly, we are doing research to gain better insight into how to best define effectiveness in human interaction. In other words, what do humanly fluent people and organizations do. Our intent is to use the insights from our research to create a practical lens and useful tools to help people and organizations strengthen their fluency in human interaction. It is our belief that this ability underpins everything that makes leaders and employees effective in organizations.

Why are we doing this?

Conversations are often underestimated yet critical to personal effectiveness and organizational success. Human interactions lie at the heart of better understanding, robust decision making, effective collaboration, coordinated action and personal development. It is the bedrock of organizational health and employee  experience, which in turn translate into sustainable results.

Having the ability to have the right conversations and doing them well can be challenging in itself. Using and developing this ability is now even more difficult in organizations where the pressure is mounting as a result of ever increasing expectations, higher workload and an environment of constant change. 

Time and undivided attention therefore becomes more scarce, and so does people’s opportunity to truly connect with each other beyond the transactional necessities. In addition, the rise of social media, online collaboration tools and email give us new unprecedented ways to interact, often times only superficially; yet they also present us with new challenges to build relationships and have meaningful conversations. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration and time.

Important Note: The information you provide in this survey will not be used for any other purposes than to help you assess yourself and for the research we are conducting. Human Fluency may choose to contact you to make you aware of our services. At any time you can let us know if you want to be removed from our database. In any case, your information will not be passed on, nor sold to third parties. Of course, we handle your personal data with care.


On the screens that follow, you will find thirty statements describing interactions you have with others.  You will indicate how often the following occur for you.

You should set aside 10-15 minutes to provide your feedback.