Thank you for your interest in a professional development scholarship from the LA County Department of Arts and Culture. This scholarship form must be submitted at least two weeks before the proposed certificate program and one month prior for a conference. Unless otherwise indicated in a PD Newsletter, we will not be able to authorize a scholarship that is received later than indicated above. Full eligibility details are on on our Professional Development webpage.

*A reminder to review grant requirements for your grant program. Please refer to your grant programs Exhibit B for a review of your current grant cycle timeline: OGP, AIP, and CIAG. Your organization must be a current grantee in good standing in order to participate in the scholarship program. 

To qualify for a scholarship, all conditions described below must be met. Remember that scholarship funds will be issued as a reimbursement to the grantee organization, not to you directly. Thank you!

  • Community Impact Arts Grant (CIAG) or Arts Internship Program (AIP) grantees will only qualify for scholarships for a staff, artist, and/or board member supporting the execution of the grant funded arts projects (CIAG) or internship (AIP).
  • Grantees with budgets over $15,000,000 should reserve scholarship opportunities for emerging level staff.
  • Municipalities are not eligible to participate in nonprofit trainings.
  • You must be a staff, board member, or artist affiliated with an organization that is currently funded by the Arts and Culture's Organizational Grant Program.
  • Organizations with budgets less than $5,000,000 may request scholarships for any member(s) of their staff or board.
  • Organizations with budgets between $5,000,000 and $15,000,000 should reserve scholarship opportunities for mid-career and emerging leaders on their staff or artistic ranks.
  • Organizations with budgets over $15,000,000 should reserve scholarship opportunities for emerging level staff.
  • All workshops, certificate programs, classes, and scholarships are subject to funding availability.
  • Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed. Be sure you complete every page and click "Submit" at the end. You will see a "Thank you!" page if your submission is complete. 

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* 1. Please check the box below to indicate you have read and understand these eligibility requirements.