Hello! Welcome to the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University's Department of Journalism and Mass Communication Alumni Data Survey. Tell us about your life since graduation, and your current situation. This will help us remain informed about you, and keep in touch with you and other graduates. Thank You!

* 1. Please provide the following basic information about yourself

* 2. JOMC Concentration and Graduation Year

* 3. Degrees/Training/Awards Since Graduation
Please list any degrees, training and/or awards you have completed since you graduated, most recent first.

* 4. What was your first job after graduation? and what advice would you give to other JOMC students on landing that first position?

* 5. Positions Held Since Graduation
Please list your last three (3) positions, most recent first.

* 6. What community service effort (s) have you participated in?

* 7. Are you on Facebook, Twitter, other social media networks? If so, please provide us with information on how to contact you. Make sure you follow us on Twitter @Aggie_JOMC or "like" the Alumni Page on Facebook www.facebook.com/jomcalum and the Department's Page on Facebook www.facebook.com/atjomc

* 8. Anything else you would like to share?...brag a little about yourself! (i.e. are you married, have future wedding plans, do you have little Aggies or plan to have them in the future, any outstanding awards/accolades you would like to tell us about.) Please provide details below......

* 9. Thanks for taking the time to fill out this quick survey. We here in the Journalism and Mass Communication Department look forward to hearing from you throughout the year.

Bonus Question: As a student, did you participate in the NABJ Short Course? If so, please provide the year you participated below.

NABJ Participation Year