* 1. On a scale from 1-5 how interested are you in participating in a weekend dedicated to refreshing your spirit and renewing your energy for parenting your child(ren)?

* 2. What would interest you most about a "mother's retreat weekend?" Please select as many answers as apply to you.

* 3. What would be most likely to keep you from participating in a mother's retreat weekend? Please select all answers that apply to you.

* 4. What do you think a fair price is to pay to spend a weekend in a relaxing setting with 6-7 other women working on self-care and being the best mom you can be? The weekend would include up to 11 hours of therapeutic and coaching workshops dedicated to feeling good and getting your mom groove back. It would also include room in a home you would be sharing with the other participants.

* 5. Which would you prefer more:

* 6. What would you dread most about a weekend like this?

* 7. What would you want to make sure was part of this weekend?