New By-Laws

The Steering Committee passed new by-laws. They must be voted on by the entire caucus. 

As an emergency vote, the 3-day voting period will end Friday, February 17 at 1pm Eastern Time. 

New by-laws found here:
Original by-laws found here:

Major changes:

1. Split elections. 2 elections held yearly (February & August) for 4 steering committee members ensures continuity instead of electing everyone at once. Current by-laws has all 8 positions being elected in July. If these by-laws pass, we will thus soon after  have nominations and elections for 4 positions on the Steering Committee. 

2. Implementation of dues set at $10 yearly. Dues is already a Young Greens policy, this sets a reasonable number. Will not affect voting privileges until fully setup (ie. will be in place for August elections of 4 Steering Committee members--not the elections that will happen immediately after this by-laws vote in February, if they pass.)

3. Explicitly makes the caucus anti-capitalist, anti-colonialist, intersectional, and politically independent in our interpretation of the GPUS Platform and in our own leading values.

4. Defines a two-tiered campus program of Young Greens chapters that receive primary support alongside affiliate chapters that are inclusive of Greens and support the 10 Key Values and Platform.

5. More clearly defines the jobs of the Steering Committee roles and underlines that required work of these elected positions as 10 hours a month minimum. It encourages anyone running for these positions to understand the required minimum work, and allows for the removal of officers who are not putting in the minimum required work.

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