* 1. Please write a brief paragraph offering your view/observations in relation to the activities undertaken during the first study visit in Passau, 26-29 October 2010. If possible, give some information about the national and local context, pertinent to your country, and any specific issues this part of the project tries to deal with.

* 2. What were the most interesting features of the first study visit in Passau? Please give any similarities and differences between your approach and the coordinators, as well as highlighting any positive/negative aspects.
NB: Please be clear about the perspective you are adopting. Possible perspectives:
• Personal
• Aspirational
• Organisational

* 3. From what you have learnt so far about the project, and the context of the first study visit in Passau, are there any points/issues you would like to explore further? Are there any areas where you see potential for joint-working in the future?

* 4. How did you feel about the study visit in general? Were you well looked after (both by your hosts and the transnational coordinators)? Is there anything you would like to comment on, which might help future visits run smoothly? Is there anything you think we should organise differently?

* 5. Which features of our activities did you prefer the most/the least? Please explain.