A survey for former students of Classics at NUI Galway.

* 1. What qualification(s) in Classics did you receive from NUI Galway? (Select as many as applicable.)

* 2. What year did you graduate?

* 3. Did you go on to take further qualifications after your studies in Classics?

* 4. If 'yes' above, what were those further qualifications?

* 5. Are you currently employed? If so, what is the nature of your work?

* 6. Do you think your studies in Classics were beneficial for your chosen career? If possible, please explain why.

* 8. Any other comments about your experience studying Classics at NUI Galway?

* 9. If you would be happy for someone in Classics at NUIG to send you a follow-up enquiry on the basis of this survey, please supply your e-mail address below.