CMSAC's Community Support Group Survey

Disclaimer: Please note that all responses to this survey are completely VOLUNTARY and ANONYMOUS. CMSAC will keep these surveys confidential. However, please note that online surveys are not always confidential and can sometimes be hacked into or compromised.

* 1. Did you know that CMSAC provides support groups for both primary and secondary survivors of sexual violence?

* 2. If you were considering attending one of CMSAC’s support groups, what topics would you like to learn more about and/or what topics do you think would be helpful for survivors?

* 3. In your opinion, what times and days of the week would work best to hold a support group for primary and secondary survivors of sexual violence?

* 4. How can we better educate our community on the services provided at CMSAC, (including our support groups)?

* 5. Where do you think we should advertise our support groups in order to increase attendance?

* 6. What are some ways in which CMSAC could increase participation in its support groups?

* 7. Please share any additional thoughts or suggestions you have that may assist CMSAC in increasing our support group attendance.