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Welcome to Southern Cross Fibre Club!

I am thrilled to have you joining me! SCF Club is my livelihood and my club members are my family. It has been a source of pride to bring you beautiful colours, month after month, for the last ten years, while presenting you with a club that is as innovative as it is practical.

From August 2018, I will be bringing you a new and exciting club, filled with all of your favourite wools as well as some newly-acquired ones. The new club will be filled with beautiful wools from Australia and New Zealand, including wools such as NZ Superfine Merino, GOTS-Certified Australian Organic Merino, NZ Polwarth, Australian and New Zealand cross-breeds such as club-favourite Bond, Comeback, as well as the softest and most beautiful NZ Corriedale on the market today.

All SCF wools are sourced from ethical and/or GOTS-certified flocks. SCF only uses synthetic dyes that are OEKO-TEK certified, meaning they are safe to wear next-to-skin for you and your loved ones.

Club sign-ups are open to everyone and there is no waiting. Sign up today and you'll start receiving professionally-dyed wool to your door from next month.

Prices start from $29/month (AUD) for Australian residents and $27/month (USD) for international, including worldwide tracked shipping. Continue to the sign-up page for a full list of options and pricing.

Subscriptions are self-renewing until you cancel - PayPal handles all of your payment details for your security (it keeps your credit card details and doesn’t pass them on to me) and sends me your payment when it is processed each month. PayPal charges your account/credit card on the same day every month until you say otherwise. It takes all of the worries about renewing your club out of your hands and let’s you keep going until you choose to cancel (a link to cancel at any time is provided, or I can cancel it for you from my end).

Thank you all for your support. It is very much appreciated.


You may use this system to create a subscription, cancel an existing one, or update your shipping address.

If you like to switch between single/double doses, for example, be sure to cancel your existing subscription before creating a new one. 

If you require assistance, contact me at david@southerncrossfibre.com

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