* 1. What is your last name? (optional)

* 2. What is your street address?

* 3. What is the size of your lot in feet, width by depth?

* 4. Do you compost in your backyard?

* 5. How large is your compost bin/area (one cubic yard+a block measuring 36" wide x 36" deep?

* 6. In one year, to what level do you fill the compost bin/area?

* 7. Do you leave the grass clippings on your lawn (grasscycling)?

* 8. Do you use a mulching mower?

* 9. If you used a mulching mower, how many times would you have filled a standard 32 gallon trash can each time you mowed?

* 10. How many times is the grass cut per month (estimate)? How many months do your cut your grass each year?

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