Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey! 

In September 2020 the second Arts Response Tracking Study, conducted in July 2020 by Nanos for Business / Arts was published. According to the report, respondents are more likely to immediately return to outdoor arts and cultural events (37%) compared to indoor events (23%). In Ontario, 35.9% of outdoor culture-goers plan to immediately return to outdoor cultural events once businesses are reopened, compared to 17% of indoor cultural goers attending indoor events. 

COVID-19 is having a continued impact on the performing arts and cultural industries. Toronto Arts Foundation and Toronto Arts Council are interested in learning more about the creative community’s past experience and future interest in performing and/or producing arts and cultural events in outdoor public spaces. Your answers to this short survey will help us build support for artists, arts workers, arts organizations including guidelines, advocacy efforts and professional development opportunities in 2021 and beyond. 

Artists, arts and cultural workers, administrators, arts volunteers, etc., are welcome to complete this survey. For our purposes, ‘producing’ implies the planning and running of an event from start to finish, includes, but is not limited to: production management, technical coordination (sourcing lighting, sound, etc. where applicable), stage management, front-of-house activities, hiring of artists, promotion/outreach activities for the event, volunteer recruitment and coordination or managing the hiring of these above listed services.

Please complete this survey no later than November 16, 2020.