About this survey

Every advertising agency, in-house creative department, or creative organization has a format for their creative brief. Most formats usually have a “Single-Minded Proposition,” which can also be called the “Promise” or “The single thing we need to communicate,” but they are essentially the same. This survey is about that part of the brief and, for simplicity, it will be referred to as the “Single-Minded Proposition.” This survey is designed to capture your opinions about the quality of the Single-Minded Proposition on creative briefs you work from and/or read.

* 1. What is your reaction to the Single-Minded Proposition on a typical creative brief? Choose only one.

* 2. Describe what you think defines a well-written Single-Minded Proposition.

* 3. Do you believe the Single-Minded Proposition is still relevant on a creative brief? Please explain your answer.

* 4. If you have additional comments about the status of a Single-Minded Proposition on the creative brief, please add them here.

* 5. If you would like your answer(s) to be considered for publication (in a blog or book), please provide your name, title, email address and telephone number below.