Public Opinion Survey - Historic Lakeville Train Station

The historic train station building in Lakeville, owned by the Town of Salisbury, is currently vacant. The Salisbury Association, in order to further its original charter to benefit the Town, protect our natural resources, celebrate local history and present cultural experiences for the enrichment of all, is exploring the possibility of using this space for visitors and residents to learn about town history, resources, education, and businesses. Please answer the following questions as we try to determine which proposed uses of the train station will provide the most value to residents and visitors.

* 1. Based on the scale, how likely would you be to visit the Historic Lakeville Train Station if there were:

  Highly Likely Likely Neutral Unlikely Very Unlikely
Written information about the history of the town
Changing exhibits of an historical nature
Information about the railroad lines that used the station
Access to educational programs on local history and heritage
Access to a public restroom five or more days per week
Access to public Wi-Fi
Information about outdoor / recreational opportunities (hiking, biking, walking trails, rivers, lakes)
Information about local businesses (lodging, dining, shopping, contractors services, etc.)
Information about real estate and property (including rentals and ‘for sale’ properties)
Employment opportunities for local teens

* 2. When would you most likely visit a building like the Historic Lakeville Train Station? Choose all that might apply.

  Morning Afternoon Evening

* 3. Would you contribute financial support to create a space to learn about town businesses, resources, history, and education?

* 4. May we contact you to discuss a financial contribution to this project?

* 5. If the Salisbury Association doesn't use it, what would be the best use of historic train station building?

* 6. Would you like to participate in a focus group to help determine what happens with the use of the Historic Lakeville Train Station?

* 7. Your Contact Info

* 8. If you would like to be contacted about this survey, what is the preferred method?