Welcome to My Survey

Dear C&C athlete,

C&C coaches would like to hear you views about Tuesday sessions. This questionnaire covers both the track and the road sessions only. 

Remember all C&C sessions are organised by qualified volunteers. They give up their time freely for you to train in a safe, friendly and competitive environment. The sessions are planned 3 months at a time and the coaches will do their utmost to stick to the calendar.

The questionnaire is designed for you to :
– let the coaches know about the suitability of the training,
– how the session meets your needs and aspirations,
– submit new coaching and training ideas,
– have an opportunity to tell us more about yourself. 

The questionaire does not replace direct contact with your coach. In line with C&C club policy you are required to enter your name, but your identity and feedback is only visible to the club's coaches.You do not have to answer every question.

Thank you for completing the questionnaire. 

Useful websites:
– cambridgeandcoleridge.org.uk (full calendar of sessions)
– runcambridge.org.uk (full calendar of sessions)
– Facebook C&C Endurance Running Group (discussion group)