We are Kitables a start-up that wants to make it easier for you to get going on your projects.
We sell ready to go kits for projects that you would see on sites like instructables.
Please help us get to know you a little better!

* 1.

Would you ever consider purchasing a kit for a project?
For example a kit contains everything you needed to build a fire breathing robot except things like screwdrivers and other common tools.

* 2. If you were to buy a kit as a gift, who would you buy it for?

* 3. What is more important to you?

* 4. How much are you into the Maker Movement?

* 5. Approximately how many projects do you do a year?

* 6. Not to get to personal, but what age range are you in?

* 7. What is your approximate average household income?

* 8.

What price range would you purchase a kit at?
Given that our kits are project based in the fields of science and engineering and are typically rather complex, and this complexity can vary.

* 9.

Would you like to be put on our email list so you know when new kits are coming out?
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Thank you so much for your input!
Our highly trained team of kiting monkeys will get right on this.

Also check out the video we made for our Kickstarter 

*Spoiler alert we blow up a Rubik's cube*