Nomination Form

You will only be able to nominate one (1) person for each visit to this webpage.  You may return to this webpage an unlimited number of times, before the closing date, to make multiple nominations.  Be sure to nominate the person for the correct award: 
1. Teaching - Excellence in teaching relates to the quality of instructor and student interaction in classes.
2. Research and Scholarly Activity - Scholarship refers to faculty involvement in research, presentations, and publications or performance.
3. Service - Service refers to faculty involvement in activities that benefit the university, the community, and the profession.
4. Adjunct - For adjunct/part-time instructors only.
5. Librarian - For librarian instructors only.

* 1. How would you describe your current relationship with Southeastern?

* 3. Which award are you nominating this faculty member for?

* 4. Why do you feel that this faculty member is deserving of this award?  Brief descriptions and examples of your reasoning are used during the selection process and can impact the number of votes your nominee receives.