1. RICH/Housing Action GR Survey

* 1. I am a (check all that apply):

* 2. Currently, what is the most pressing issue facing you or your agency/organization/community?

* 3. What would you like to see changed?

* 4. What are some challenges you foresee with this issue?

* 5. What are some opportunities for making a difference or change with this issue?

* 6. Please identify the top 3 legislative/advocacy issues you believe RICH/Housing Action should focus on in the upcoming year? Rank from 1 to 3 with 1 being the most important

* 7. What strategies should RICH/Housing Action pursue to make progress on our goals? Rank from 1 to 8 with 1 being most effective and 8 being least effective

* 8. Further comments?

* 9. Choosing a training track that you would like to see RICH/Housing Action offer