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Please provide the requested information. The Rapid Response team constantly strives to improve the program and may contact you in follow up to your responses:

* 1. Contact Information:

* 2. My Company received Rapid Response services as a result of a:

* 3. The layoffs happened:

* 4. Number of workers affected by the site closure/workforce reduction:

* 5. My company provided advance notice of the work site closure/workforce reduction:

* 6. Has your company previously received Rapid Response Services?

To help us ensure excellent customer service, please tell us about your experiences with the Rapid Response Team. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

* 7. The Rapid Response Team contacted my company about available services following the company's announcement of a work site closing or workforce reduction (this includes written notice with the state).

* 8. The information provided by the Rapid Response Team at the initial meeting/contact was useful.

* 9. The Rapid Response Team thoroughly answered my questions as well as explained the "next steps" in the process.

* 10. The Rapid Response Team effectively and professionally communicated program information to the affected workers.

* 11. The Rapid Response Team effectively and professionally addressed employee concerns and needs during the response period. 

* 12. Throughout the process, the Rapid Response Team listened to my company's needs and effectively took steps to address them.

* 13. Please rate the Rapid Response Team on the following core values:

  Excellent Good Average Below Average Unsatisfactory

* 14. Overall, I was satisfied with the Rapid Response Team and the services they provided.

* 15. I would recommend the Rapid Response Team's services to other employers.

* 16. Additional Comments/Suggestions:

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Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.