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This independent survey is being carried out by the General Aviation Advocacy group of New Zealand. The New Zealand CAA has no involvement.

It is modelled on the last official CAA survey of clients, carried out almost 15 years ago.

Many of the questions reflect those in the 2003 CAA survey. Others have been added in light of more recent surveys conducted by Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

Part 4 covers best practice, consistency of decision-making, safety reporting and audits.

Many questions offer the option to add a comment. Feel free to expand on your answer.

If you are unsure how to respond to a particular question, move the slider to 5. That indicates a neutral position.

If for any reason you can’t complete this part of the survey in one go, there's no problem. As long as you use the same computer and web browser, you can return to finish off, or change a comment, or even adjust your slider rating in a question. Just click on the original link you used to get here. Additions and alterations can be made until you click the Done button at the end.

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Rest assured that this is a private and confidential survey. There is no requirement for you to identify yourself. The survey gathers no details that could identify you, and we will not track or record your email address or IP address.

The results will be presented to the CAA board and management, the Minister of Transport and other decision-makers.

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