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Club & Organization Monthly Activity Report- December

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* 3. In each textbox, please list the date (m/d), activity title, and headcount. (If more than 10, please email Melissa Welch with additions. If no activity, please leave blank. Thanks!)

* 4. If your club had no activity in November, please indicate the club's plans below. Check all that apply. (Skip this question if you had activity in October)

* 5. Has your club participated in the following this semester?

  Yes Not Yet What's That?
Community Service
Reviewed membership list and submitted updates
Recruited new members
Reminded members about the Emerging Leaders program
Checked the club mailbox
Communicated with SUGA liason

* 6. If you answered Yes to Community Service, please explain the project.

* 7. Which of the College's Institutional Student Learning Outcomes meet your club's mission or programs?

* 8. Anything you would like us to know?

Thank you for completing the November Monthly Activity form. The information is useful for college assessment purposes. Please let us know how we can be helpful to your club in the coming months.

Melissa Welch (Multicultural & General Interest Clubs) x3363
Paula Dias (Academic Clubs)X3633
Jonathan Crockett (Sports & Recreation)X3785

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