What is the State of Your Physical health and Well-Being?

This quiz is intended to provide self-assessment for the participant and connect him or her to the Texas Medical Association Committee on Physician Health and Wellness educational resources. This quiz identifies [unhealthy workplace climates] and provides resources to mitigate their impact on the participant and the work environment.

DISCLAIMER: This quiz is intended for those in the medical profession. This quiz is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute and should not be relied on as professional advice. A trained health care professional should be consulted if burnout is suspected.
A high score of 43-66 (points) indicates a high level of stress and burnout within an unhealthy working environment. Please contact your internal support network. The majority of institutions provide a helpline and/or counseling. If you do not have an internal support network, please contact your local county medical society to direct you to the closest resources and peer support network available.

A medium score of 31-42 (points) indicates a moderate level of stress. You may be struggling to get out of the cycle that may lead to burnout. Please contact your internal support network for available well-being resources. Some institutions and organizations provide free counseling, workshops, and other approaches to improve your well-being. Additionally, PHW provides a ton of educational resources available online. Visit www.texmed.org/WellnessPlugins to learn more.

A low score of 18-30 (points) indicates a low-stress level. Share and inspire others to take steps to improve their well-being. Encourage others to utilize the self-assessment and the PHW toolkits to help them tackle struggles related to stress and fatigue. These resources describe how the eight dimensions are interconnected to meaning in work, and mental/emotional and physical quality of life. Thank you for contributing to a healthier work environment!
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