Tell us about your worst day as a DBA

The DBA Team are looking for a special guest member – and it could be you.

All you need to do is tell us about your worst day with SQL Server, by filling in this survey.

If your story is the ‘best’ worst day out there, you’ll be named and pictured alongside Steve and Grant in a special Christmas episode of the DBA Team, running this December.

And there are prizes too - you’ll win tickets to SQL Cruise 2015 and a Red Gate SQL DBA Bundle.

Don’t miss out on this chance to see your name in lights - tell us your story today.

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* 1. How did you find out about the problem

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* 2. What was the main issue? (Choose all that apply!)

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* 3. Tell us the full story - include everything you remember from that day, what caused the problem and what was affected.

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* 4. If yours is one of our top stories, we'll need to get in touch - what's the best email address we can use?

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