Workforce Capability Framework - Brief survey

WorkUP Queensland

The Workforce Capability Framework outlines the capabilities required by the specialist Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence and Women's Health and Wellbeing workforces to deliver safe, effective and respectful responses to those impacted by violence.

The Framework and accompanying tools, are designed to help support people who work in this sector in making a significant impact in ending violence against women and children. The Framework is designed to assist organisations with building, supporting, managing, and developing their workforce by articulating the capabilities required at different levels.

It has been designed with simplicity, flexibility and practical utility in mind.

Your constructive feedback will help us to continue to improve The Framework and tools and inform the development of additional resources or support strategies.

This is a brief survey. We also welcome your feedback via direct contact with the WorkUP Queensland team. Please email us at if you would like to arrange a time to discuss your feedback.
1.What do you like about The Framework?
2.How have you/has your service been using The Framework and what have you found most useful/helpful?
3.Which of The Framework's supporting resources have you used?
4.Would you like to provide feedback about any of the supporting resources?
5.Would you like to suggest any additional supporting resources for development?
6.How could WorkUP Queensland best support implementation of The Framework?
7.Please provide any other comments you would like to make and your contact details if you would like us to contact you.
8.Do you give permission for WorkUP Queensland to share your comments for promotional purposes? This could include on social media, our website and newsletters.
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