Welcome! This is where you can submit your nomination for Caught You Being Great and Great Connections.


If you nominate a colleague for a Caught You Being Great Award, they can redeem it for Great People merchandise.  


If you submit your story to Great Connections as well, it may be shared externally, including on social media.

We have made some changes to the site that will help to improve the program for all you great people! Please take a look at the notes below to get an understanding of what is different.

  • Please enter both your full name and the full name of the person, you are nominating.

    Please enter your nominee's role by using the drop-down menu below employee location. We have separated roles by departments to improve the accuracy of nominations.

    If you are receiving Caught You Being Great nominations at your facility. It means that your address on file with your Workforce Coordinator is not up-to-date. Please touch base with them to have your information updated. 

     Enter the email address you most regularly use