Parent Gate Survey Questions

* 1. Select all that apply to you:

* 2.  I understand the criteria used to identify students for inclusion in the District’s Gifted and Academically Talented Education (GATE) program.

* 3.  I understand how to have my child nominated for inclusion in the District’s GATE program.

* 4. The District communicates information about the GATE program and GATE identification.

* 5. The following programs are available for students identified as Gifted/ Academically Talented at the school my children attend (select all that apply):

* 6. Is the GATE program at your child's school effective in terms of meeting the needs of gifted students?

* 7. What services would you like to see offered to students identified as GATE?

* 8. Have you attended any GATE Parent Council meetings?

* 9. Are there any other suggestions or comments you would like to share regarding the District’s GATE Program?