1. CTL Blogging Your Course Workshop Survey

* 1. The workshop was a valuable experience for me.

* 2. The subject matter was covered in sufficient depth.

* 3. The workshop's duration was appropriate for the information presented.

* 4. There was an appropriate balance of information presentation and hands-on tasks.

* 5. The workshop facilitator was effective in his instruction (Justin Henry).

* 6. The workshop facilitator was effective in her instruction (Holly Parker).

* 7. The workshop was well organized.

* 8. The workshop environment was collegial.

* 9. I would recommend this workshop to my colleagues.

* 10. I will use the skills learned in this blogging workshop in my teaching this year.

* 11. Please add any comments regarding the above rating questions or anything else you'd like us to know about this workshop experience.

* 12. What I liked most about the workshop was:

* 13. I think the workshop could be improved by:

* 14. How did you hear about this CTL workshop?

* 15. What other teaching and learning workshops would you like to see offered by the CTL?