Antagonist Productions Impact Survey

1.How often do you attend Antagonist Productions' theatrical performances in Lexington, KY?
2.Do you ever combine your evening of theatre with other activities (e.g., dining out, shopping) during the same outing?
3.Do you ever travel from outside the Lexington, KY area to attend an Antagonist Productions theater performance?
4.Have you ever extended your stay in Lexington to include other activities (e.g., shopping, sightseeing) related to attending an Antagonist Productions show?
5.How frequently do you attend theatrical productions (plays, musicals, etc.)?
6.How much, on average, do you spend per theatrical production visit (tickets, concessions, transportation, etc.)?
7.What factors influence your decision to attend a theatrical production? 
8.Have you ever recommended Antagonist Productions' performances to friends, family, or colleagues?
9.Did you enjoy the show?